Player College Commitments

Within the Canes Baseball Club, our focus is player development and advancement of skill.  The outcome is a player that is recruited to play baseball at the next level.  The following list demonstrates the success of our player development program and the commitment of our players to train.

Brian Corbett                        Lawrence Tech
Mason Sherrill                      University of Findley
Corey Arnold                        Earlham College
Cory Snider                           Earlham College
Elijah Bennett                       Edison State
Kamren Jordan                    Edison State
Dustin Salyers                      Edison State
Nate Hiles                             Edison State
Drew O’brien                        Ohio Dominican
Tyler Wilson                         Indiana University Southeast
Jordan Wilke                        Lourdes University
Kent Reeser                          University of Indianapolis
Jared Bair                             Air Force Academy (Football)
Stephen Melton                   Shawnee State
Austin Miller                         University of Wisconsin Superior
Ronnie Allen                         Texas Christian University
Matt Oney                              Wilmington College

Ryan Byrne                           Ashland
Nick Silvis                             WIlmington
Andrew Collins                    Clark State
Luke Rehn                            St. Thomas University (FL)
Blake Roedershiemer        Concordia (MI)
Sam Rehn                             St. Thomas University (FL)

Andrew McCarty                  La Grange (GA)
Brian Boone                         Wittenberg College
Landon Brown                     Bluffton College
Nate Frock                            College of Mt. St. Josesph
Max Ramsey                         Wilmington
Tyler Reker                           Florida A&M
Dylan James                        Lourdes College
Jeff Clemons                        UC Clermont
Austin Howard                     UC Clermont
Shaun Lewis                        Georgetown
Walter Miliner                       Urbana
Alex Crabtree                       Ohio Northern

Nick McGill                            Sinclair
Taylor Neal                           Sinclair
Garret Vonberge                  Ohio Christian
Ian Huss                                Cumberland/Ohio Dominican
Matt Sullivan                         Sinclair/Youngtown State

Alec Berry                             Miami-Middletown
Paul Wilson                          Sinclair

Billy Madewell                      Sinclair
Clay Davidson                     Sinclair
Cody Morris                          Davenport University

Jake Lamb                            Urbana